Asus x555l i7 review

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We do not collect your personal data. For years, Asus ROG laptops have been a standard for full-size performance and gaming computers with beefy specs and cooling solutions to match. However, with the technology progressing and people looking into more portable options, the big-boy ROG laptops have recently got into a shadow cone. Our unit is an early sample offered by Asus for the purpose of this review, and it performed just as we would expect from the final retail models.

The ROG Strix Scar lineup has been completely redesigned inand the updates are built on the same chassis. The inch variant is fairly compact, but still a bit longer than other laptops in its class, with a big chin underneath the screen and a hump behind, that accommodates parts of the thermal module. Furthermore, this particular GLXS variant gets a thicker bottom panel, in order to accommodate the beefier thermal module required to cool the power-hungry Comet Lake processors and the W GPU.

As far as weight goes, this tips the scales at around 2. The palm rest is smooth and might not feel as premium as some of the metal-crafted options out there, especially those in the thin-and-light space, such as the Asus ROG Zephyrus or Razer Blade lineups, but I could live with it just fine.

asus x555l i7 review

At least Asus finally offer individual control over these RGB elements now, so you can switch them off if you want to. These aside, the laptop is surely very well built, with a sturdy main chassis, no flex in the keyboard deck, and a strong screen, held in place by two strong hinges.

Asus X555LD-XX283H Notebook Review

This is different than the design Asus implement on the Scar There are still no audio cuts in the bottom panel, as the sound comes out through some narrow cuts on the sides.

And so is the always-lit power button, although I hope Asus will address both of these on the future SCAR update, implementing their newer power button with the smart finger-sensor and throwing the status LEDs on the sides. The keys are softly coated and feel nice to the touch, and the overall implementation is quick and quiet. The illumination is bright and even and allows per-key RGB control, with a couple of effects available in the Armour Crate app.

The F1-F12 writing on the top row of function keys is not backlit, though, so finding the right key in the dark is a guessing game and takes time to get used to. Speaking off, for mouse Asus went with a fairly small and immovable plastic surface, with smooth dedicated click buttons.

It works fine with everyday use and gestures, but the surface still rattles when tapped.The front is clear. The back is also clear with the screen going down to around degrees.

The outside of the case is black but not that horrible shiny colour so finger marks will not show as much. Open the lid are the area around the keyboard is silver, around the screen it is matt black sadly the screen itself is reflective but as this unit is not touch finger marks should be less of a problem. The speakers are in the bass of the unit. It has a full size key keyboard which of course contains a separate numeric keyboard on the right side great for those who need one.

It has a 2cm clear strip down both sides and the The viewable screen is 34x There is a web cam built in to the top centre of the screen to allow you to use things like Skype to let you parents know who are still alive once in a while. The processor is an Intel iU running at 2GHz. Also a PDF client is installed and WPS office which is part free and part 60 day dependant on the parts of the software used.

On occasions I found there was a lag where nothing appeared to happen so this may be a problem when playing games of course students do not do that so it will not be a problem.

Asus X555L RAM Upgrade

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asus x555l i7 review

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It is 37x Buy NowFor the original German review, see here. Our report shows whether the XLN is convincing. The price level of the XLN already suggests that a solid plastic casing is delivered. The base unit's surface features a silver color. Asus additionally uses textures. The wrist rest has a grooved texture, and the rest of the upper side is covered with a subtle grid pattern.

Asus colors the other casing components black, but the lid is also textured with grooves that spread out from the center in a circle. The casing's stiffness and build could be a bit better. The casing yields slightly when pressure is applied to the area next to the keyboard. At the same time, the laptop's right stopper lifts from the surface. The base unit's stiffness is satisfactory, but the lid warps too easily.

The Aspire does not have a maintenance cover. However, the type and number of ports are identical. The left-sided interfaces are located in the rear, and the area beside the wrist rest remains free of cables.

The X55LN is shipped with Windows 8. There is no recovery DVD among the included accessories. Asus exclusively supports Windows 8. Nothing has changed here. Asus still relies on an unlit chiclet keyboard with level, very subtly roughened keys for its XLN. They feature a medium drop and a clear pressure point. Unfortunately, the keyboard yields when typing on it and affects the typing feel adversely. Prolific typists will not be happy with it.

asus x555l i7 review

The multi-touch capable ClickPad has a surface area of Its sleek surface additionally enables easy gliding. The pad features a short drop and a very audible and palpable pressure point. A matte, It is everything but compelling with a brightness of The virtually identically configured and equally priced Pavilion comes with a considerably brighter screen with a Full HD resolution.

Asus ships its laptops with preloaded color profiles. Thus, they have a more balanced color reproduction than most laptops from other manufacturers ex-factory. This is particularly beneficial in the low-budget sector.

The average DeltaE shift in state of delivery is 7. A rate less than 3 would be ideal.Asus Laptop 15 X is a sufficiently good entry-level offering with Core i3 and Core i5 variants. It starts at Rs 30, and offers great value for its asking price. However, the Core-i7 model can be ignored largely because there are better options in the market at that price range.

Asus Laptop 15 X is an entry-level notebook that comes loaded with features that will make your everyday life easier. With upto Intel 8th gen. Core i7 processor, Full HD display and a discrete graphics solution, the X is created for casual users such as college-goers, home users.

For anyone whose use case revolves around a bit of browsing, typing, watching videos and listening to music, this laptop could be a part of your natural selection. Asus sent us the X laptop with the highest configuration. Interestingly, the laptop has no mention of VivoBook anywhere on the chassis unlike other laptops in the range.

This affirms our earlier speculation that it's not a part of VivoBook series. Asus X starts at Rs 30, for the base variant that is powered by Intel 7th gen. Core iU processor. The second variant with Intel 8th gen. Core iU processor is up for grabs at Rs 59, The X is almost made out of plastic and has a brushed metal finish on the lid. It is available in two colours, Transparent Silver and Slate Grey.

Asus X weighs 1. It also protects the internal hardware against impact. A similar metal plate runs along the sides of the lid to provide additional support to the display and hinge. Inside, there is a HDD shock dampening case which aims to protect the disk against damage caused by impact.

The laptop uses a solution which has been developed by EAR Global, a company which has been actively developing shock dampeners for electronic products. Asus X features a It uses an LED anti-glare panel and offers degree wide view angle. The screen is surrounded by 7mm thin bezels which lends it an The laptop comes with Asus Splendid display tuning software that optimizes colours to feel more natural on the screen. It also allows users to choose between three different modes-- eye care, normal, vivid and manual mode.

Asus has also preloaded the X with its Tru2Life Video enhancing technology which fine-tunes video signals before sending it to the screen. The display on the X is fairly good as far as budget laptops go.

However, it has its set of issues and the display tilts towards warmer and vivid colour tones. Then again, it's targeted at budget users and the fact that it comes with a Full HD anti-glare display should suffice most takers.

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For Value for money Sturdy and durable Metal reinforced chassis Decent performance. Against Not a unique design Plastic build Average display and battery life. Price and availability Asus X starts at Rs 30, for the base variant that is powered by Intel 7th gen. All the three variants are available on Amazon India. Look and feel Image credit: Future The X is almost made out of plastic and has a brushed metal finish on the lid.Unless otherwise stated, all performance claims are based on theoretical performance.

Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. The actual transfer speed of USB 3. Product specifications may differ from country to country.

asus x555l i7 review

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Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.If you intend to spend a lot of money on a laptop, then chances are high that you might end up finding too many options in your lap pun-intended.

Brands like HP, Dell and Lenovo immediately come to our minds when we think about Windows options in the mid-to-high price segment. Can we include Asus, with its X notebook, in the same list too? The same brand launched a Macbook-rival in the form of Zenbook UX, but the X is more in the run-of-the-mill category of Asus laptops.

Display: Asus X has all the attributes of a gaming laptop, but it isn't really. The notebook is beast body-wise, and to some extent we can call it a powerhouse as well. Preferring plastic-body finishing for a high-end laptop is never the right call and X would have massively benefitted from borrowing some of the sheen we first observed on the Zenbook UX earlier this year. The front part of laptop is glossy, which is highly reflective in nature as you can see below and prone to easy scratches as well.

ASUS X555 review – good looks and decent specs equals excellent daily driver

If you will compare the X with HP Pavilion 15, then you will find both the giant-sized laptops quiet similar to each other. For this kind of money, you'd expect better durability. The keyboard portion has been blessed with metallic body, which looks elegant and manages to sustain under major heating threats.

The trackpad is quite responsive and the keys offered on the X deliver tactile feedback and look as if they can last for a long time. All connectivity ports have been placed on either side of the notebook, including the power point.

It is definitely not the most elegant notebook that we've used this year and for what it's worth, we expect a lot more than just merely being a laptop. Asus has made sure this variant of X gets pretty much the best possible hardware available to users in the country.

It packs a 2. Slew of connectivity ports include; 2x USB 3. On the front you have a HD camera in order to facilitate video chats via Skype. And last but not the least, a 2. Asus opted to go with HD i. It's really hard to understand the company's decision to go for standard display power, instead of managing to offer bare minimum of p resolution, something that HP does manage to do with its own bulky-yet-powerful Pavilion 15 notebook. Add to that, you get a display which is highly reflective in nature, just like its outer body.

But you've got to do some serious thinking in order to take care of your eyesight. Granted, the notebook is big in size but the quality on offer flatters to deceive most of the times and that's nothing to feel proud about. But then all that hardware in tow had to come in handy somewhere; and much to our relief that's one part of the X that manages to stand among the best in its category. The Core i5 series falls between the affordable Core i5 and the top-class Core i7 and with proper memory support; even the Core i5 has the wits to fight the best.

There's tons or terabyte of storage that can be used with helps from the 2. We didn't really feel that the X is going bonkers with all that kind of power and the results are there to be seen. We mentioned during our HP Pavilion 15 review that even with its mass weight and big battery size, it delivers battery life of average proportions.

So, we figured how different can the Asus X be in terms of full-day life? Surprisingly, the 37 Whrs unit onboard the notebook is strong enough to match the most efficient processors in business. Asus X isn't cut-out to fit in the Rs 54K brackets and this is why we find the notebook to be given a lopsided pricing.

Also, we expect FHD quality display to make up for the value and let's not forget the nightmare of carrying around this heavy piece of machine all the time. Definitely not. Asus X is a mixed bag in terms of being a notebook.The second profile type is Office Work and Web Design. Business tasks are various, most often related to a set of office-targeted applications.

Sometimes, working outside is necessary. In such cases color accuracy is paramount, but so is image clarity, brightness, contrast etc. A piece of text must be legible, graphics and histograms must be clear. All of this is precisely what this profile is for. Gaming is among the main driving forces for the fast clip of hardware development. Gamers are well-aware of the fact that a poor image can ruin the entire experience. The same goes for watching movies.

In addition to receiving efficient and health-friendly profiles, by buying LaptopMedia's products you also support the development of our labs, where we test devices in order to produce the most objective reviews possible.

If your field is office work or web design, or you just want your monitor's color set to be as accurate as possible for the Internet color space, this profile will prove to be useful. We developed this profile especially for occasions on which you spend a lot of time in front of your monitor with some games or watching movies — it will be easier for you to discern fine nuances in the dark. This profile reduces the negative impact of pulsation and the blue spectrum, securing your eyes and body.

You still get a pitch-perfect color image, albeit slightly warmer. ASUS' X lineup aims to please the average Joe with decent specs and good looks rarely found in this price range. The very same laptop is found under the name K in the European market but it's practically the same machine.

Choose country Pros Good keyboard and touchpad experience Decent battery life Nice overall design Particularly lucrative configurations for the asking price. Intel Core iU CPU Performance Decent. GPU Performance Average. Color accuracy 9. Body material. Ports and connectivity.

More Info Buy from Amazon. Check Price. Gaming or Movie nights We developed this profile especially for occasions on which you spend a lot of time in front of your monitor with some games or watching movies — it will be easier for you to discern fine nuances in the dark.

Health-Guard This profile reduces the negative impact of pulsation and the blue spectrum, securing your eyes and body. Intel Core iU. Dell Latitude Microsoft Surface Pro 3. Dell Latitude E Results are from the Fritz chess benchmark the higher the score, the better. Results are from our Photoshop benchmark test the lower the score, the better.

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