Mcoc alliance war season 16

Alliance Wars are special events usually happening every two weeks and lasting 5 days. War Seasons usually last five days. Alliance Wars let players compete for lands and riches and offer unique rewards to the winners. You will be placed into a group with five other Alliances and have to conquer their territories Fiefdoms while defending your own. War Seasons last for five days. Follow What are Alliance Wars?

Alliance Wars: General Knowledge

During this time, one pool of 6 Alliances will fight for gaining fiefdoms. How do Alliance Wars actually work? Alliances that successfully compete in Alliance Wars can earn various rewards.

The top 3 Alliances of each bracket will be rewarded with unique Elite Boosts that will be activated for free. Your Alliance will automatically be placed into a War Season with other Alliances if it is eligible. You will need at least eight active members to compete.

After joining, your Alliance will stay in the War Season as long as there is at least 1 active member. However, if your Alliance drops down to fewer than 5 people after joining, any Skulls earned will be negated and no longer count in the War Season. Skulls can be earned by attacking the members of an enemy Alliance that you are currently at war with.

mcoc alliance war season 16

Every player yields a maximum number of Skulls that is calculated based on your and their level. You can only earn the maximum number of Skulls from every player once during a single Alliance War. Skulls can be lost through other players attacking you successfully.

If you notice that you are losing a lot of Skulls, try to improve your defenses to not be an easy target! You can also increase the skulls your best players earn by nominating them as War Champions and protect your weaker players by placing a War Shield on them.

How is the overall number of Skulls that I contribute to an Alliance War calculated? In every Alliance War, the top three out of ten battles that earned you the most Skulls will count in full towards the total amount of earned Skulls for your Alliance. After that, only a certain percentage of all other Skulls you earned beyond your top three battles will count towards the total result. Alliances will be matched against other alliances of comparable strength.

The relative strength of an Alliance is determined by the total number of Fiefdoms it owns. If Alliances conquer the same number of Fiefdoms, the number of Skulls earned throughout the entire War Season will become the deciding factor. If the number of Skulls is also equal, then a tie will be declared and both Alliances will have to share the same lower rank.

This can lead to Seasons without a first place winner. A champion will earn an additional percentage of skulls per battle within one war. This bonus works from the moment the champion was assigned, so make sure to assign the champion as soon as the war starts. This helps alliances to protect Kings with weaker defenses.

A shield will reduce the amount of skulls that this player can lose per battle within one war by a certain percentage. What happens to the Skulls of a player that leaves an Alliance mid-season? Players who leave their Alliance during a war-season will lose all Skulls they have won in all running wars. However, all skulls that have been won against them by enemy players will be kept for the count of the enemy Alliance.

Players can change their Alliance mid-season. However, after joining their new Alliance, they will have to wait 60 hours before they can earn skulls for their new Alliance. What happens if my Alliance has less than three Fiefdoms?

Can we still enter into another War Season?I think you should include him on the Main Boss suggestions. You war points calc is incorrect. On the harder map, there are nodes to get attack bonus for 55 per BG.

Thanks for correcting me. Thank You. Thanks for the feedback : I'll try my best to keep this post updated. Shared with Alliance, Super helpful guide all around Every officer in every Alliance should be reffering to this guide for placement Post a Comment. Alliance War Season Update. What is Alliance War? Alliance War Tier Map Breakdown. What is Alliance Wars? While placing your defensive team, they cannot be used in Alliance Quests, but can be used in any other Quests Story, Event, Daily, etc.

Once the attack phase begins, your defensive team is locked and cannot be used in other Quests until you complete or clear your Battle Group in Alliance War. Alliance Wars AW are the alliance's primary source of 3 star, 4 star, 5 star and 6 star shards. The goal of the event is to capture and defeat your opponents boss, and in the process explore the various nodes challenges your opponents have set for you. It's important that which paths should be cleared first so other paths can be explored, so discuss with your team mates before moving or clearing nodes.

mcoc alliance war season 16

Your objective is your defend your Battlerealm three Battlegroups from the attacking alliance. Its always important to take in one of the following high block champions to reduce the damage you take against these nodes. Champions with power lock or power drain can also be an asset against these nodes. Based On.From competing for Champions in the Arenas, to fighting alongside your Alliance to claim your ranks in Alliance Quests.

Now, it is time to introduce you all to the newest competition in The Contest. Introducing, Alliance Wars: Seasons! Seasons are a brand new feature being built on top of Alliance Wars that will measure the performance of every Alliance in the Battle Realm, and finally answer the question, which Alliance is truly the best in the game?

Alliances will battle each other to prove their might, and to propel themselves up the Leaderboards as they reach for the best rewards that they can muster. Seasons will turn Alliance Wars into the most competitive, and lucrative mode in the game. This is where you will go for the most valuable and sought after rewards available in The Contest, and to brawl for the title of the undisputed Top Alliance! After all, this is The Contest of Champions! Then, your Alliance is placed on a live leaderboard and ranked against every other Alliance.

Where you place on that leaderboard at the end of the Season will determine your Bracket, and the rewards that you receive. For every Alliance War your Alliance wins, you will be awarded 50, Bonus Points on top of the points earned in that war.

These are the tiers that you already know although they have been slightly altered, more on that laterand the ones that determine which Map your Alliance plays on right now. After every War, the points that are being contributed to your Season Score is the sum of the points from the War, your win bonus, multiplied by your Tier Multiplier.

You rise and fall through tiers based on how many Alliance Wars you win or lose, and the difficulty of the matchup. Leaderboards are a live representation of where your Alliance is currently placed in relation to every other Alliance in the Contest for that Season. Leaderboards will be divided into Brackets, and those Brackets will determine what your Alliance receives at the end of the Season, as well as what your Alliance badge is. Take a look at the Bracket Breakdown here: Alliance Badges?

Alliances Badges! These special Badges are worn with pride by every member of your Alliance, and are visible on your Summoner Profile, your Alliance Page, and in Chat, amongst a few other places! The Badge you wear is determined by the bracket in which your Alliance is currently residing. For example, if your Alliance is currently in Bronze 1, but move up to Silver 3 after completing a war, your Alliance Badge will change from the one designated for Alliances in Bronze 1, to the one for Silver 3.

When viewing your own Summoner Profile or Alliance Page, you will see your current Badge that updates with your placement on the Leaderboard. There are also unique Badges for Alliances in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall in the Season. The Most Valuable Items in the Game! Like we said, this is where you will go to score yourself the rarest and most valuable items in the game!

The rewards your Alliance receives at the end of the Season is determined by the bracket in which your Alliance places. Every Summoner in your Alliance will receive the same rewards, regardless of how many points they contributed to your Season Score. You must have participated in at least 5 wars with the Alliance you conclude the Season with in order to be eligible to receive rewards. If you leave and rejoin your Alliance, that counter resets! Take a look at the Rewards you'll be vying for in the post below!

Undisputed Champions of the Realm!

That title will be available to every member of that Alliance, but are only equippable until the end of the following season. Summoners will be able to keep that title forever as a trophy, but will not be able to equip it if they do not defend it!Be civil to one another, both here and in game.

Let's attempt to encourage a well mannered community for this game. This includes verbal attacks, whether or not the previous party is in the wrong or not.

Let's not criticize one another for spending or not spending money in game. Similarly, let's not criticize one another for playing Arenas or any other game mode heavily. More on this here. On this subyou are allowed to post self promotion, but you must follow that principle. Moderators can make exceptions for informational content, if not in excess.

Got a question? Before posting, check the subreddit WIKI as well as the links below! ClanHQ App. Events Schedule. Event Quest Monthly quest info! List of Spreadsheets.


List of all Wiki Pages. Help A question about Alliance War season rewards: How long do we have to stay in an alliance to be able to qualify for the season rewards? Wait if this is the case then if i play 5 wars with some loser alliance and then join an alliance who is at gold 1 at the end of the season, will i get gold 1 rewards?? Like, can I get season rewards from multiple alliances as long as I do 5 wars with each?

Your post has been given the Help flair.

mcoc alliance war season 16

If this was an incorrect match, please message the moderators or tag one of them to reflair the post.Be civil to one another, both here and in game. Let's attempt to encourage a well mannered community for this game. This includes verbal attacks, whether or not the previous party is in the wrong or not.

Let's not criticize one another for spending or not spending money in game. Similarly, let's not criticize one another for playing Arenas or any other game mode heavily. More on this here. On this subyou are allowed to post self promotion, but you must follow that principle.

mcoc alliance war season 16

Moderators can make exceptions for informational content, if not in excess. Got a question? Before posting, check the subreddit WIKI as well as the links below! ClanHQ App. Events Schedule. Event Quest Monthly quest info! List of Spreadsheets. List of all Wiki Pages. War Off Season - Strategy? I'm just trying to understand if my alliance is missing a trick. Anyone have any input on this?

When you win a war you get points. The tier you are in gives you a multiplier and your points of the war are multiplied with your current tier for that particular war.

So a tier 1 alliance gets more points on losing than say a tier 3 alliance on winning. During off season people tend to not place defence and reduce their war rating to get easy matchups. Hope this helps. People can still go to a shell alliance and do the same thing tho.

Easier matchups in season can be the difference between masters and Plat1 or any 2 brackets for that matter. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. ContestOfChampions comments. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and join one of thousands of communities.Alliance War needs annoying champs to increase the chance to get more kills, but do remember that you should not place one champ on many nodes, else your opponent may win because of increased diversity point.

So take care of diversity if you really care about winning. Learn about them and the champions that can benefit from Defender Tactics. Our plan is to mention node numbers, the buffs, and the best possible defenders Minimum 5 suggestions. It takes lots of time and effort to keep the article updated. It will be very helpful if you guys can help us with some donations. All Champions from Boss List.

Do you have suggestions? Suggestions are welcome and we will look into it and update the sheet if needed. Please comment with your suggestion. Do mention if the champ needs to be duped or not. The following defensive list if applicable for Challenger and Expert Tier.

I am open to any kind of feedback you guys have. If I missed a defender that works great on any specific node, please let me know by comment. Note: There are many champions that I have not mentioned. If you are trying to maintain diversity, feel free to use them after you have covered all defenders mentioned in the list.

The following defensive list if applicable for Easy and Normal Tiers. By McocFan - October 5, Google serves cookies to analyze traffic and shows interest-based ads to this site. Information about your use of our site is shared with Google for that purpose Accept Read more.More gender choices coming. Ptr Client nicht instalierbar Best WoW Joke: Go New Player - Levelling How do I contact a GM in game. Let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below (at least 1-2 sentences) to gain an entry into the giveaway.

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Suggestion More gender choices coming. Ptr Client nicht instalierbar Best WoW Joke: Go New Player - Levelling LF Reroll How do I contact a GM in game.

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In our Declaration of Independence, the founders claim the right to form our own government because it became "necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands" that tie them to another. Eagar Fire Chief Howard Carlson is interviewed by reporter Trisha Hendricks of Channel 12 News in Phoenix at the Arizona Wildfire Forum April 18.

EAGAR State Forester Scott Hunt co-hosted the Arizona Wildfire Forum on April 18 in Eagar along with the Arizona State Forestry Division, the Arizona Insurance Council and the Arizona Forest Health Council. Billed as lessons learned in 2011 and community protection going forward, the forum was attended by officials and representatives from the above organizations as well as local and county officials from Apache, Navajo, Greenlee, and Graham counties and those from Payson, Prescott, Tucson, Ponderosa near Flagstaff, and agents with Farmers Insurance.

Hunt started the forum with information about the 2011 fire season and stated that Arizona is considered a wildfire state. Over 9,000 structures were threatened last year with 111 destroyed. There were 19 red flag days last year, which is wind speeds of 20 to 25 miles per hour with gusts up to 60 miles per hour, low relative humidity and high fuel loads.

Hunt went on to give those present the current predictions for the 2012 fire season, which has already started. The National Fire potential map shows the states most at risk with Arizona (the only state in the country that is mostly covered in red) are western New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, a large portion of Florida and up the east coast to North Carolina, as well as parts of California and Nevada.

More firefighters than civilians die in forest fires. The average number since 1990 to 2010 is about 10 civilians per year compared to 20 firefighters. The largest loss of firefighters in the last 20 years was about 36 in 1994.

Hunt reported that the funds for the 2012-2013 fiscal year for fuel reduction treatments has been cut by about 20 percent. Other documents at the forum show that there are a total of 46 million homes that are in the potential line of fire in what is called the wildland-urban interface (WUI).

The average number of structures lost in wildfires has increased rapidly since the 1990s. The years 2003, 2007 and 2011 had the most structures lost across the country at 5,781, 4,900, and 5,850 respectively.

Along with the rise in fires and structures lost are the costs associated with fighting fires, in direct correlation. The rest of the forum was spent on Community Wildfire Protection Plans, funding for plans, WUI fire codes, the Firewise USA program, and the Ready, Set, Go program. All of these programs are efforts started by federal, state and local governments and local private communities to educate property owners on their responsibilities to make sure their property is fire safe.

Most forest area fire departments and communities have one or more of the above programs and will help property owners assess their risks.

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