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Something that they can refer to when they need help with a specific kit. Take a good look…. Now take a look at the Manhatten from Rockler. Do you see any similarities? Of course, you do. Actually, there are more than a few kits sold at different retailers with different names that are, for all intents and purposes, the same thing! All of which have slightly different dimensions and therefore require different accessories to make them; replacement tubes and bushings, for example.

Needless to say, when dealing with different kits that are so similar, it can get a little confusing. Are they all the same thing? Over at penturners. It is a comprehensive pen kit list that includes the major and minor suppliers Rockler, PSI, Woodcraft, Smittys, and more and each of their pen kits with the specifications listed below:. Here is a preview of what it looks like on penturners. There are several downloadable pdf. Wayne has created one for each supplier as well as one for ALL suppliers.

Along with the downloadable pdf. The app contains the same information as the pdf. Needless to say, this resource, whether you use the app or the pdf.

pen turner

I want to give a huge shout out to Wayne from IAP. Thank you, Wayne, for allowing me to post this information and I hope we all will find it very helpful. I know it has helped a lot of people so far including myself. To everyone reading this, please go to penturners. There are forums, contests, and much, much more! You can also purchase the iPhone app for this resource by clicking here.

Thank you all for visiting this site and for reading this. Let me know below how this reference tool has helped you. I'm a dad, a husband, a wantrepreneur, and a huge fan of nerd stuff. View all posts by Dustin.

Is there anyone that can print the sizing chart out for me? Or is there a printed version of this and then you can write in the updates? Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress.

High End Pen Kits

You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. March 2, March 22, Take a good look… Now take a look at the Manhatten from Rockler. It is a comprehensive pen kit list that includes the major and minor suppliers Rockler, PSI, Woodcraft, Smittys, and more and each of their pen kits with the specifications listed below: Category and Size Kit Style Replacement Tubes by model number Bushings also by model number Drill bit needed for tube upper and lower Dimensions of tube upper and lower and Dimensions of the bushings upper and lower Here is a preview of what it looks like on penturners.

It has several advanced features not found in many simple calculators including a memory cell and the ability to display data in decimal or scientific notation.Timber Turners have been assisting woodturners and woodworkers by providing a wide selection of pen making tools and supplies, if you are looking for the best value and services then Timber Turners it the best choice for you. Our new on-line store offers the best deals on high quality wood turning and pen making supplies including pen kitspen turning suppliespen blanksmini lathes, lathe accessories, woodturning tools and lathe chucks.

We also have pencil turning kits, bottle stopper turning kits along with many more fun and profitable items! Now with our new website you can select your pen kits, then select your wood blanks from many different woods including exotics, burls, spalted and many more!

We try to get as many species and variations from reclaimed and other sources. These striking wood blanks are made from resin impregnated dye and laminated colored hardwood veneers. Your completed projects will have a brilliant finish, strong grain and a very unique appearance. The Vintage Stopper has a low profile that nestles into the bottle neck to show more top and less stopper. Graducated silicone gaskets for a snug seal.

pen turner

Easy to make using PSI bottle stopper mandrels. Check our featured products! Today's product of interest!JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Pen turning has always attracted woodworkers with a taste for highly finished, eye-catching work and a need or desire to keep their investment in space, money and time to a minimum.

Even if you only have a spare room or a tiny corner of your garage to call your shop, pen turning will allow you to work with a range of materials, and complete projects flawlessly and without cutting a single corner. It comes with everything necessary and important for most types of turning — five speeds, a bearing center for the tail stock, a spur center and face plate — and can even be lengthened with an optional bed extension to accommodate stock long enough for table legs and balusters.

A standard lathelike the original Excelsior, with speeds laid out in steps and a manual move-the-belt-form-one-pulley-to-the-next speed change method is typically the most affordable entry point into the world of pen turning - and perfectly adequate to the task. If you think you'll lake to woodturning with a vengeance, however, stepping up to a more versatile variable speed lathe is worth some thought.

With Rockler's new Excelsior Variable-Speed Lathe, you'll be able to quickly dial in any speed you want from to rpm. This simple convenience can save loads of time over the long haul, and will let you speedily jump from a slower speed bowl turning project all the way to a little high speed finishing on a narrow spindle.

An experienced turner can turn a pen with nothing more than a skew chisel. One thing to keep in mind is that Carbide insert tools are considered the "training wheels" of turning as they are easier to master than traditional turning tools. They also have a longer working life because they have higher resistance to wear.

The basic materials list consists of pen hardware kit and, of course, a pen blank. Rockler offers pen kits in varieties too numerous to describe in detail here. The sawing can be done with a hand saw, but the drilling is a task best accomplished with the aid of a drill press.

An indispensible woodworking tool in its own right, a drill press is worth considering for any aspiring woodworker. An affordable bench top model will easily handle the pen blank drilling job, and will pay endless dividends in any other area of woodworking you explore.

Ready-To-Turn Pen Blanks are pre-sawn, pre-drilled and have the requisite brass barrel liner already glued in place. In other words, they require virtually no preparation, making them a favorite among pen turners who prefer to skip right to the actual turning.

The mandrel, together with a set of appropriately sized bushings, allows you to securely mount the prepared blank on the lathe.

A Pen Turner’s Best Friend: the IAP Bushing and Tube Dimensions Chart

It comes with everything you need to get started, including 3 hardware kits, a mandrel and bushing set, a drill bit, the CA glue necessary for gluing in the pen tube, and a pen mill, which makes truing up the ends of the prepared pen blanks a simple matter. But even if your first few efforts are a little rough, the size of the project and the fact that it is spinning on a lathe make the sanding process fairly quick and painless.

Solid hardwood pens can be finished in the same way that any other turned wood project is finished. There are a number of excellent turned wood finishes available, a few different techniques, and many, many opinions on which ones work best. The polishing process involves sanding with successively finer grits of abrasive until the pen blank material itself develops a glass-smooth surface.

The assembly process can be accomplished with bench vise, or even a Quick-Grip clamp. You can make pens without it, but the added piece of mind it affords during the literally make-or-break assembly process — and the way that it streamlines the blank drilling process — make it worthy of serious consideration. This basic kit will let you continue with a number of pen turning options using pre-drilled blanks, and give you a great start on general wood turning.

Store Locator Shop. Getting Started Pen Turning. Posted: October 19, Categories: Woodturning. Related Products. Add to Wish List.

Recent Posts. Styles and Types of Mortise and Tenon Joinery. Cutting Circles and Ellipses with a Router and Jig. What Is a Dovetail Joint?Use this page to sort through our High end pen kits. Note use the filtering on the left side of the page to help limit your search to what you are looking for. Filters Reset all filters. Gift Guide On Sale! Click on "Pen Kits" in the menu bar for even more ways to shop! Useful and just plain fun to make turning projects! Click on "Supplies" for a complete listing.

Lathes, Lathe Accessories, and Turning Tools. Let your artistic side come to life with a riot of color! Blown Glass Holders. Hamdmade blanks from Pen Artists from the US and around the world. Categories On Sale! Emperor Pen Kits Jr. Statesman Pen Kits Jr. Majestic Pen Kits Jr. Retro Pen Kits Jr. Aaron Pen Kits Jr. Abraham Pen Kits Jr.

Zeus Pen Kits Jr. Anthony Pen Kits Jr. Morgan Pen Kits Jr. George Pen Kits Jr. Harold Pen Kits Jr. Milton Pen Kits Jr.

Citizen Pen Kits Jr. High End Pen Kits. Sort by: Recommended.In response to the COVID pandemic, we are pausing new orders until April 27, as we focus on safeguarding the health and safety of our team. During this temporary shutdown in operations, we will professionally clean and sanitize all workspaces and update operations to protect our workforce.

All recent orders were shipped by April 9. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Our customer service team will continue to provide support at To order, enter an item number in a field below, enter a quantity, and then click the "Add to Cart" button. View your browsing history. Sign up for Penn State Industries emails and be the first to hear about sales, exclusive offers, and more! By signing up you have read and agree to the terms of Penn State Industries Privacy Policy Online prices and selection generally match our online catalog, but may vary.

Prices and offers are subject to change. Learn More. Need Help? Add to Cart. Pen Boxes Cases and Displays Find the perfect way to display, present or store your prized pen. Finishing Choose the perfect polish or finish from our huge selection. Adhesives Shop for the best way to glue up your pen blanks and tubes. Pen Turning Organization Tools. Online prices and selection generally match our online catalog, but may vary.

All Rights Reserved.Gallery Contact Us. Other Events. Generous Sponsors:. Click Here For Contests Update. The Midwest Pen Gathering has been cancelled. Hotel You are responsible for cancelling your hotel room. As a board we always look forward to the MPG.

Not only for exceptional education we get from our demonstrators or the cool new things we get from our vendors and door prize donators — we look forward to the MPG for the social event. Meeting new friends, seeing people we only see once a year but talk to all year via technology, exchanging of ideas, staying up all night as if we were teenagers, and just a few laughs. So it is very disappointing that we needed to do this — but we know everyone understands.

We sincerely hope that when the days roll around in April we will feel we missed out because the virus is gone and we could be socializing rather than our current state of staying apart from one another.

pen turner

From the entire Chicago IAP chapter and our many volunteers we wish you - our extended family - the same wellness and health as we do to our immediate families. Please be patient with the refunds remember we are all volunteers. Over the course of the next 7 — 10 days we will be refunding your registrations in batches. But there is a shining light over the horizon. Located only 15 minutes from the current location, next year we will be in Hoffman Estates at the Marriott. The dates are already set — April 23 and 24, The new venue is bigger.

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What's new. Latest activity. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. International Association of Penturners. Featured Pens. Recent Threads D. A man grinder and welder In quarantine. Replies 2 Views Today at PM magpens. PITH Leo S. Replies 0 Views Today at PM Leo S. I do NOT make these, but I like them. Covid sadly this just got too real.

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